1 run win for New Zealand! After 30 years Test cricket saw again

New Zealand Cricket Team

A 1-run win is really rare in Test cricket. This however happened 30 years ago too. Moreover, it was the first time in the history of cricket that a team won by 1 run. On Tuesday, the incident happened again in Test cricket. Tim Southee’s New Zealand beat Ben Stokes’ England by 1 run.

1993 was the first time a team won a Test by 1 run. That time West Indies beat Australia. Allan Border, Steve Wade’s Australia beat Richie Richardson, Brian Larrad’s Caribbean team in Adelaide. West Indies eventually scored 252 runs batting first in that match. Lara scored 52 runs. Junior Murray scored 49 runs. Marv Hughes took 5 wickets for Australia.

History cherishes 1 run win

In response to 252 runs, Australia ended up with 213 runs. Curtley Ambrose, Ian Bishop, Courtney Walls could not handle the pace attack. Hughes moreover scored 43 runs with the bat. That was the highest run for the team in that innings. Steve Way scored 42 runs. David Boone scored 39 runs. Ambrose took 6 wickets alone.

West Indies, who took the lead by just 39 runs, ended up on 146 runs in the second innings. Australia needed 186 runs to win. Australia got all out for 184 runs after getting that run. Ambrose however became a killer in the second innings as well. He took 4 wickets. Walls took 3 wickets. Justin Langer’s innings ended with 1 run remaining.

After 30 years in Test cricket, that rare event again. New Zealand defeated England this time. However, the difference is 1 run. A bowler became the best in the match 30 years ago. Kane Williamson is the mastermind behind New Zealand’s win. He played an innings of 132 runs in the second innings. Harry Brooke (186) and Joe Root’s (153) centuries in England’s first innings were dwarfed by that innings. Root also scored 95 runs in the last innings. But in the end could not win the match.

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