“49% international cricketers consider rejecting a central contract for T20 Leagues,” FICA’s explosive survey report

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The Federation of International Cricketers Associations (FICA) released an explosive survey report stating that 49% of international cricketers are ready to give up national contracts for T20 leagues.

The arrival of franchise T20 cricket changed the dynamics of international cricket. The shortest format gained massive popularity in no time. As a result, more and more T20 leagues are mushrooming in various parts of the world. Moreover, the huge amount of money involved in these leagues also makes a massive difference.

Hence, international cricketers are inclined towards franchise cricket. Recently, Trent Boult gave up his national contract. Furthermore, a couple of other Black Caps players followed in his footsteps and released their central contracts. Tim Southee addressed the issue and stated that many more rejections are very likely in the near future.

FICA report drops a bombshell on international cricketers

FICA issued a survey report on the international cricket scenario. The report stated that 49% of international cricketers, excluding Indian cricketers, are ready to give up their national contracts if they are paid more in other T20 leagues.

“49% would consider rejecting a central contract if they were paid more to play in domestic leagues”

The report has categorized the sample size into three different classes. The traditional market, the hybrid market, and the free agent market are the three categories. The free agent market consists of players that only have a domestic and t20 league contract. Further, the report states that more and more cricketers are willing to enter the free agent market.

“Most of the best players in the world are now in the hybrid / free agency markets. The percentages plotted above only reflect central/nationally contracted players featuring within the top 100 of the T20 Player Index. Almost all of the 18% ‘traditional market’ players are from India, highlighting the restraints placed on these players preventing participation in overseas domestic leagues,”

According to the report, one-day international cricket is still relevant in the world of cricket. More than 50% of the sample size believes that the ODI World Cup is still the biggest event in World Cricket. However, the percentage has dropped significantly since the last survey.

“54% still consider the 50 over World Cup as the pinnacle ICC event, although this has reduced significantly from 86% in the 2018/19 FICA survey,”

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