Cricket will make a delayed return to Asian games due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in China

Hangzhou Asian Games

Due to a massive surge of Covid-19 cases in China, cricket will now be making a delayed entry into the Asian games.

Cricket was first introduced to the Asian Games in 2010 in Guangzhou.

In 2014, Sri Lanka won the gold medal after defeating Afghanistan in the men’s tournament, while Pakistan won the gold medal after beating Bangladesh in the women’s tournament.

Cricket has not featured since after the decision to reduce the number of events in the Asian Games.

The OCA, COC and HAGOC have taken a combined decision to postpone the Asian Games this year.

The Zhejiang University of Technology was to host all the cricket matches of the Asian Games.

India will not field any cricket teams in the Asian Games due to existing commitments.

Beijing Winter Olympics was the last major event to be held in China this year in February.

China has constructed over 56 venues for the sporting events of the Asian Games.

They had also invited over 11,000 athletes from 44 nations and territories.

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