Graeme Smith cleared of racial charges

Graeme Smith has been cleared of all his racial allegations as per the latest reports.

Advocates Ngwako Maenetje and Michael Bishop ruled that there was no clear evidence regarding the issue.

The arbitration took place as part of CSA’s Social Justice and Nation-Building process.

Lawson Naidoo came forward and supported Graeme Smith.

He said that the way in which these charges were dealt with shows the seriousness of CSA.

Naidoo then went on to praise Graeme Smith as the longest-serving Test captain of South Africa and also the longest-serving DoC of Cricket South Africa.

Because of the presence of Graeme Smith, the South Africa men’s team has seen a rebirth and rejuvenation as a great team.

Graeme Smith’s contributions have laid a strong foundation for his next successor as Director of Cricket.

Cricket South Africa also came forward and supported Graeme Smith.

They said in their press release that Graeme Smith had to endure a lot during the SJN process including the leaking of his personal information.

The board also understood that it was a difficult time for the Director of Cricket during this phase.

The board has also wished Graeme Smith all the best for his future endeavours.

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