Mohammed Siraj’s financial struggles in his early cricketing days


India fast bowler Mohammed Siraj, who hails from Hyderabad, recently spoke about the hardships he faced during his journey in cricket. Siraj belongs to a modest family and his late father used to give him just INR 70 every day for his cricketing pursuits. This amount was inadequate for a cricketer who needed much more to chase his dreams. Siraj disclosed that he spent INR 40 out of the given amount on petrol, while the rest was spent on other essentials or saved.

The 29-year-old cricketer also highlighted how he had to ride a Platina motorbike while his contemporaries traveled in luxury cars such as Mercedes and BMWs. Mohammed Siraj’s struggles are an inspiration to many who aspire to make it big in sports despite limited resources.

“Father used to give 70 rupees daily out of which 40 rupees were needed for petrol in Platina, that too which had to be pushed to start. Others used to come in Mercedes, BMW, etc. for practice, while I used to wait for them to go so that I could push my Platina and get it started. They as it is didn’t used to look at me and used to keep distance,”

Siraj said.

I used to bunk college and go to play cricket, only my father used to save me at home: Siraj

Siraj talked about his father’s support for his cricketing journey, even when his mother scolded him. He shared his experiences of bunking college to play cricket and recalled winning his first prize money in the sport.

“My mother used to scold me by saying, ‘Your elder brother is an engineer. Till when will you continue your time pass?’ I used to bunk college and go to play cricket. Only my father used to save me at home. He has done a lot for me.“

“After 2013 (when his father said it’s okay not to study). I played Ranji Trophy for Hyderabad in 2016. But before that, I used to be playing in league in Hyderabad. I played for my uncle’s club and picked 9 wickets in the first game. I got INR 500 as prize money and out of that I gave 300 rupees at home,”

Siraj further added.

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