Sri Lanka pinning hopes on Australia tour

Sri Lanka Cricket
Photo Credits: Blackcaps Twitter

As civil war and internal strife continue to plague Sri Lanka, the country is banking all its hopes on the upcoming Australia series.

Stakeholders at both Sri Lanka Cricket and Cricket Australia have their doubts as to whether continuing the series would be a good idea.

However, both the boards have given their assurances and said that the tour will go on as planned.

Australia are to play three T20Is, five ODIs and two Tests starting from June 7 to July 12.

In Sri Lanka, the people are facing financial problems, food shortages and power outages as of now.

Sri Lanka faced a power outage of 12 hours in April.

In May, there have been no power supply problems in Sri Lanka.

However, the board is not worried regarding the power supply as they have their own generators.

They, however, were worried about the fuel shortage which again is prevalent in Sri Lanka as generators run on diesel.

Therefore, stakeholders at Sri Lanka Cricket are discussing whether to move the games to totally day fixtures.

But the board is adamant and wants to go ahead with the day-night games as they are not dependent on government electrical supply.

They also mentioned that they are apolitical and do not hold any political views whatsoever.

In other news, Sri Lanka is also planning to start its domestic season from May 22 onwards.

There were talks regarding moving the game to UAE but it will be too hot in June-July.

Although one month is too long a time to give predictions on anything, both boards are hopeful that the situation remains peaceful.

This tour will also bring some much-needed cash into the coffers of Sri Lanka.

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