The controversy between Kohli and Kumble sparks interest once again

Sanjay Bangar
Photo Credits: BCCI Twitter

The long-forgotten controversy between Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble made it to the headlines once again after former BCCI authority and Gautam Gambhir revealed their opinions on the issue.

Kumble came on board as head coach in 2016.

But within a year, in 2017, he decided to resign from the post as he felt the attitude of the team was really bad.

India were in the hunt for a new captain and coach. While Kohli successfully replaced MS Dhoni as the new Indian skipper, they still wanted someone to occupy the position as head coach.

After Kumble came on in as head coach, things started taking a turn for the better.

But, within some months, the rivalry between Kohli and Kumble started coming to the surface. The defeat in the 2017 Champions Trophy added fuel to the raging fire.

It was becoming quite apparent that they both have developed a dislike for each other. Kohli was not happy with the way Kumble was coaching the team.

Former India batsman Gautam Gambhir revealed in an interview to News18, that had India not dropped Kumble as head coach, things would have looked pretty different today.

Also, some mismanagement on the part of the BCCI of the issue made it difficult for Kumble to sustain further as head coach.

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