Tim Paine still stands tall on calling Ben Stokes “Selfish”

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Tim Paine said that He is. He said it himself. He wants to be known as someone who wins World Cups

Tim Paine and Costelloe’s conversation

Costelloe: “I’ve noticed the tweets fired up last night about people with you and Ben Stokes off the back of England’s highest-ever ODI score?”

Tim Paine: “Did he? Oh awesome, good on him. What, in a dead rubber?”

Costelloe: “Don’t be sarcastic.”

Paine: “Why would people be tweeting me about Ben Stokes scoring runs? I said he’s one of the best players in the world.”

Costelloe: “Because you said he’s being selfish by putting himself in the ODI team.”

Paine: “He is. He said it himself… he wants to be known as someone who wins World Cups. Cool. I have no issue with that. Just don’t retire in the first place.”

Costelloe: “I think you’re being a little bit harsh.”

Tim Paine: “He said during the Ashes he knew he was going to come out of retirement. That’s my only issue Brent. I didn’t say he couldn’t play. Clearly he is an absolute gun.”

Costelloe: “Why can’t he change his mind? There have been so many people who have retired and come back. What’s the difference?”

Tim Paine: “I don’t like that either.”

Costelloe: “Have you got a chip on your shoulder about Ben Stokes?”

Paine: “No I don’t. I couldn’t care less. It’s got nothing to do with him.”

Costelloe: “What if things suddenly change in your life?”

Tim Paine: “I didn’t like it when Mal Michael did it either, forced his way out of Brisbane to Essendon.”

Costelloe: “What if you suddenly have a change of heart though? You can’t do that?”

Paine: “Well if there’s any chance you might have a change of heart, don’t retire. He retired and then he backed it up again in an interview and said there is no chance in June.”

Costelloe: “Don’t point at me, it’s not my fault.”

Tim Paine: “I’ve had enough here but mate, what a player. If you watched highlights of the innings, my God. Did we say they’re probably favourites now that he’s playing, particularly if he’s playing well? Yes, probably. Although they haven’t been playing the best cricket, England.”

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