United States Cricket team is a team that plays the sport of Cricket for the country USA.  USA became the associate member in 1965. A U.S. representative squad participated in the first international cricket match, played versus Canada in 1844. For a century and a half, the U.S. national team infrequently played against other national teams. In the yearly Auty Cup, it mostly faced off against Canadian teams or foreign teams that were on tour.

Early in the 18th century, the British introduced cricket to the Thirteen Colonies. Moreover, the 18th century saw considerable growth in cricket. Anecdotal information suggests that George Washington was a fervent fan of cricket. He took part in at least once in a game of cricket with his soldiers. He usually played at the Valley Forge during the American Revolution.

The first international cricket game was played in 1844. The United States of America played against Canada. The match took place at  St. George’s Cricket Club Field in Bloomingdale Park, New York.  Moreover, the longest international sporting rivalry in modern times was started at this inaugural international sporting event. There were around 20,000 spectators who witnessed the match.  About $120,000 was staked on the result of the game. This equates to approximately $1.5 million in 2007.

Decline of Cricket in United States of America

Moreover, another reason for cricket’s loss in popularity may be because in the late 19th century American cricket remained an amateur sport reserved for the wealthy.  On the other hand, England and Australia were creating a professional version of the game. Some North American cricket clubs remained obstinately exclusive. This was due to the standards of play rose elsewhere in the world as cricket became more professional.

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