Oman cricket team is a national team that plays for the country of Oman. The country is developing fast in the sport of Cricket. All of the T20I’s members were given full Twenty20 International (T20I) status by the ICC in April 2018. As a result, starting on January 1, 2019, all Twenty20 games played between Oman and other ICC Members will be full T20Is.

Oman played its first competitive match at the 2002 ACC Trophy. Since then, the team has competed in other Asian Cricket Council competitions. They came second place in the 2004 ACC Trophy. The team also won the ACC Twenty20 Cup thrice. Moreover, Oman has competed in the ICC World Cup Qualifier twice. They finished ninth at the 2005 ICC Trophy and eleventh at the 2009 World Cup Qualifier. But they had not advanced to the final competition. Oman achieved Twenty20 International status in 2016. They qualified for the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 in India. This was the first major international competition.

Oman has been the most consistently reliable and quickly improving squad among the other Affiliate countries. Moreover , they had only joined as an associate member in 2014. But in just 4 years, they have established themselves as a major ODI country/  Oman is one of cricket’s top associate sides. Additionally, they have developed their T20I reputation, achieved success in every division, and taken part in a World T20. It is an amazing accomplishment to do all of these challenging tasks in such a short amount of time.

Team composition

In contrast to local Omanis, expatriate Indians and Pakistanis (and their descendants) play cricket in Oman more frequently. In 2010, only 100 of the league’s 780 players—roughly 13 percent—were Arab. Only a handful of Arabs have played for the squad.  To increase cricket’s appeal among Arabs, quotas of Arab players have been set for both club teams and the national team.

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