Aaron Finch wants to enjoy an India-Pakistan match after he retires

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The India-Pakistan clash on the 23rd of October at the Melbourne Cricket Ground was one of excitement, nervousness, and tension.

With Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya firmly set at the crease, India chased down 160 in a very close game.

The happiness of the Indian fans went sky-high after India won the match.

Even Australia skipper Aaron Finch was blown away by the build-up between the two sides before the match at MCG.

He has recently stated in an interview that he would love to witness an India-Pakistan clash somewhere after he retires.

Says Finch,

Regardless of what the result is…I think the India-Pakistan game was amazing. I was nervous in the build-up watching that because I know how big a clash it is and I can’t wait for the day that I can retire and go and watch an India-Pakistan game live somewhere.

Adding further, Finch said,

I was sitting on the couch in my hotel room and I was nervous in the build-up, it’s quite strange, yeah.

Finch is also all praises for Virat Kohli and said that he played really well to help India chase down the target.

Kohli received the Player of the Match award for his 82 from 53 balls and many cricket experts have termed it the ‘best knock in T20I by a batter.’

Says Finch on Kohli,

What it was…was a Virat Kohli masterclass! You always felt even though…..with three overs to go that if you’re still there…you know the amount of pressure that he puts on the opposition just by being there and yeah it was just great viewing.

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