AB de Villiers appreciates Suryakumar Yadav’s batting prowess

Suryakumar Yadav

South Africa batting legend, AB de Villiers has recently showered praises on India batter Suryakumar Yadav.

Apparently, the master T20I batter has gained comparisons to de Villiers in recent years due to his ability to play shots all over the ground.

That’s why he is also the current No.1 ranked T20I batter in the ICC’s charts as well.

Meanwhile, de Villiers says that Yadav is attempting such shots that he didn’t during his playing career.

Furthermore, he also says that SKY has a long way to go in cricket and he will unleash his full potential in his playing career.

Additionally, de Villiers also says that he sees many similarities between himself and Yadav when it comes to their batting styles.

Says de Villiers,

Suryakumar Yadav possesses a repertoire of shots that even I did not attempt during my playing career. Watching Yadav bat when he is in full flow is a delightful experience.

de Villiers says that Suryakumar has the ability to shift gears

On the other hand, the South African legend has also stated that SKY has the ability to change gears during a game which is what makes him truly remarkable.

He has also commented on Yadav’s composed approach at the crease which is the key factor in his success as a T20I batter.

Furthermore, de Villiers also says that Yadav has the ability to remain calm and that he moves slowly and places himself perfectly for every delivery.

When he’s confident, he moves so slowly and he sets it so beautifully upright. He gets the ball nice and late. And once you snap that as a batter, once you realize that the faster the bowler gets, the more you’ve got to let it come and that is really starting to click and I think he has clicked that. So, the sky’s the limit. Excuse the pun.

In 46 T20I games, Surykumar has a massive strike rate of 175.76 that includes three tons and 13 fifties to his name.

Moreover, his outstanding abilities have made him a rising star in Indian cricket and his future looks very promising for him.

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