Abdur Rehman claims Kumble and Muralitharan unfit for modern cricket

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Abdur Rehman, a former Pakistan spinner, believes that legendary cricketers like Anil Kumble and Muttiah Muralitharan would struggle in modern-day cricket. He thinks they would concede many runs, and only Saeed Ajmal could thrive.

Rehman argued that Kumble, a leg-spinner, lacked the ability to turn the ball sharply. Consequently, batters could have read him easily in contemporary times. However, he asserted that Ajmal, a 45-year-old with many variations, would have troubled batsmen.


Speaking on Nadir Ali podcast, Abdur Rehman said:

“I think he (Kumble) would have got hit if he was bowling now. Because he was not a big turner of the ball. It used to skid. In modern day cricket, the pace with which it is played, the line and length that he used to have he would have got hit. Even Muralitharan would have been hit. During his time also he got hit. But Saeed Ajmal would not have got hit now because of the variety he had.”

The anchor’s statement was a shocker as he mocked the BCCI and took a dig at the ICC. He quipped,

“It’s the Indian Cricket Council,”

with Rehman nodding in agreement.

“Whoever is working in ICC are all Indians. And 60-70 per cent funds are also generated by India. Pakistan should go because we want to play. We aren’t in a position to say no. We anyway play so much cricket in Dubai. If India don’t want to come, that’s fine, but we should go there and answer back with cricket.”

The Asia Cup controversy is expected to conclude in March. Recent reports claim that Pakistan may lose the right to host the 2023 edition of the tournament, but still retain the hosting rights. In a meeting held by the Asian Cricket Council in Bahrain last month, the matter was discussed, but no official statement was issued.

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