Adam Gilchrist remarks on Australian fans’ underenthusiasm for national side during T20 World Cup

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Former Australia wicketkeeper-batter, Adam Gilchrist recently remarked that the Australian fans were not enthused with their cricket team.

In the ongoing T20 World Cup, there was a relatively low attendance of Australian fans for their national team’s games.

There may be several reasons why the Aussie fans were not excited about this T20 World Cup.

Firstly, the loss to New Zealand in the opening game by 89 runs was enough to crush the hopes of Aussie fans.

Secondly, England’s mighty win over Sri Lanka on Saturday deterred Australia’s hopes of making it to the semis.

On the other hand, fans of India, Zimbabwe and Pakistan were in full flow during the games of their respective countries.

Gilchrist kept his opinions on the issue. He said,

You’ve only got to look at the crowds, the crowds were down. There was no feeling of a huge excitement about this World Cup from the way crowds turned up to the Australian games.

Adding further, Gilchrist said,

On the flip side of that, look at what was almost a dead rubber on Sunday night in Melbourne, Zimbabwe vs India and there’s 82,000 people there. That’s just a whole different conversation isn’t it, that’s one of the great phenomenon of sport. The Indian passion for the game continues to go to new levels. That’s something that’s really positive and exciting about cricket.

Recently, the Australian football season has also ended which can also trigger the reason that people have not yet inclined themselves to watching the T20 World Cup.

But, Gilchrist believes that people will regain interest in the sport once the cricketing action continues in Australia.

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