Adidas set to become a new apparel sponsor for Indian Cricket Team

India National Team 3

Starting this June, Adidas will take over from Killer as Team India’s kit sponsor. This will put an end to BCCI’s search for a reputable sponsor for the Indian cricket team.

In the near future, the jerseys of Indian cricket players will bear the iconic three stripes of Adidas. Hence, the transition to Adidas marks a significant change from the current sponsor, Killer Jeans.


Adidas will take over from Killer in a long-term five-year deal beginning in June.

A BCCI official confirmed:

“The fine-print of the contract is being worked out. But the valuation is set to go up.”

India’s kit sponsorship has been held by Killer, a lesser-known apparel brand. Killer took over from MPL, who dropped out of their deal. MPL had paid the Indian board ₹65 lakhs per match and ₹9 crores as royalty for a three-year deal. The BCCI has been on a long-standing search for a reputable kit sponsor since Nike decided to end their 14-year association with Indian cricket in 2020.

BCCI sources have revealed that the board is set to secure a sponsorship deal with another global brand that has connections to cricket, much like their previous sponsor, Nike. The BCCI had lost the right to have a top sports apparel brand as a stakeholder due to their association with MPL and Killer Jeans. However, the upcoming deal with Adidas is expected to significantly enhance the brand value of the Indian cricket team.

Adidas’ sponsorship will be a major boost for BCCI and the team’s brand value. Furthermore, Adidas has a notable association with elite names such as FIFA World Cup champions Argentina, Italy, France, and Germany, as well as top European football clubs Arsenal, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid.

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