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In the 2013 Indian Premier League, Sreeshant, Ankit Chavan and Ajit Chandila were accused of spot-fixing. Board of Cricket Control for India had earlier suspended the punishment of the first two. Ajit was the only person left. His sentence was also reduced.

Ajith has blames on him of spot-fixing in the 2013 IPL. Along with him, the World Cup Winning Indian fast bowler S. Sreeshant as well as Ankit Chavan faced similar cases of spot fixing. Indian Cricket Board’s disciplinary board severely punished the three cricketers, S. Sreeshant, Ankit Chavan and Ajit Chandila despite having ample evidencens against them. Board of Cricket Control of India had earlier lifted Sreesanth and Ankit’s punishments. This time, the board reduced the lifetime ban Ajit to ban to seven years. The Ombudsman of the Indian Cricket Board, Vineet Saran, did this favour to Ajit.

Ajit Chandila ban reduced to seven months

Sreesanth played for Kerala after BCCI lifted his suspension. In 2017, the Kerala High Court ordered the withdrawal of life imprisonment from Sreesanth. The Indian Cricket Board could not provide any evidence of involvement in spot-fixing against him in the court against Ajit, Sreeshant and Ankit. Later, the complainers couldnt prove the charges against Sreesanth in the Delhi court. Ankit is also playing for his club in Mumbai after the suspension. But former Rajasthan spinner Ajit Chandila stayed far away from cricket for so long due to lifetime exile.

After BCCI overturned Sreesanth’s suspension, Ankit Chavan and Ajit Chandila had appealed to the Board of Cricket Control for India for suspension of the suspension. Based on that, the Disciplinary Committee of the Indian Board had earlier revoked Ankit’s deportation. This time BCCCI also reduced the period of Ajit Chandila’s exile. The most important facts of the case is that although the offer of cheating reached the three cricketers, even with no evidence of spot fixing.

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