Akash Chopra doesn’t want rank turners in the Border Gavaskar Trophy

Aakash Chopra

Akash Chopra has disagreed with Ravi Shastri’s statement. Ravi had earlier said that the pitches should turn from the first ball itself and he prefers a ‘rank turner’.

“Ravi Shastri has said that the ball should turn from the first ball itself. Rank turners are not something that I would personally subscribe to because the contest becomes even if the pitch turns more. Luck plays a bigger role there,” Akash Chopra talked about Ravi Shastri on his Youtube Channel.

Akash Chopra’s ideal pitch

But Akash Chopra prefers a flattish pitch which is good for bating on for the first 3-4 days and it then turns on days 4 and 5.

“If the pitch goes the normal way, where it is good for batting on the first day and slowly starts turning, eventually it becomes a very good turner on Day 4 and Day 5 and spinners rule the roost, your batting against spin is tested and there is help for reverse swing. That is an ideal surface.”

Akash also asked what ‘fair pitch’ means. 

“The Australian guys are asking for the matches to be played on fair pitches, that if the matches are played on fair pitches, they will compete. By the way, what are fair and unfair pitches? Is it wrong if the ball turns? Is it right if the ball swings or seams? How much swing or spin is right? What exactly is a fair pitch?” Akash questioned.

“Justin Langer is asking for the matches to be played on fair pitches, it should not turn too much. The pitches you are calling unfair surfaces, the only Test match Australia have won in the last two or three tours was on such a surface,” he concluded.

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