Anil Kumble disappointed on Nitish Rana; says, Shardul Thakur should bowl

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Shardul Thakur is batting in almost every match. The match against RCB at Eden Gardens saw his monstrous batting too. But Shardul Thakur is absent the ball. Despite being in the playing eleven, bowler Shardul could not do anything in this IPL. He is in the World Test Championship team. Anil Kumble criticized KKR for not bowling such a bowler like Shardul Thakur regularly.

Regarding Shardul Thakur, the former India coach, Anil Kumble said,

“Maybe Shardul will be seen with the ball in the final at the Oval. But he is not getting a chance to bowl a single ball in IPL. He is quite a good bowler. Yes, he leaks runs. But his wicket-taking skills are also better than the rest. It is a 20 overs game. Can’t he be given at least two overs there?”

Many have questioned KKR captain Nitish Rana’s decision. It is not known whether Shardul has any injuries. Many also think that the board has instructed him to bowl less because of the World Test Championship final.

But Shardul is mainly a bowler, rather a bowling all rounder. He does well with the bat when he gets a chance. He does not play day after day even staying within the playing eleven. Thus, the question arises whether a place should be filled only to bat. Many feel that an expert cricketer should play in that place.

Despite Anil Kumble criticizing, Shardul Thakur is fine with his team’s demands

However, Shardul later clarifies that there’s no certain reason for him not bowling. He said that initially, he wasn’t fully fit, for which he couldn’t bowl two matches.

Shardul added that, KKR has plenty of all rounders. dre Russ and Narine are two of them. Skipper Nitish Rana too bowl and take crucial wickets. The team, right now can play at least 8 bowlers at a time.

Shardul feels that his team is not in need right now to make him bowl. He also said that, he won’t pay any attention to whatever is going around, but what his team requires.

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