Ashwin criticizes David Hussey’s remark on Adam Zampa


India veteran, Ravichandran Ashwin has recently criticized David Hussey for his comment on withdrawing the run-out appeal made by Adam Zampa.

The incident took place in the Big Bash League where Melbourne Stars’ skipper Adam Zampa dismissed Tom Rogers of Melbourne Renegades.

Rogers was at the non-striker’s end when Zampa came in to bowl and immediately dismissed Rogers when he saw him out of his crease.

Additionally, Zampa gave a long stare to Rogers who looked confused about whether he was out or not.

The on-field umpire didn’t look too sure either and immediately dispatched the matter to the third umpire.

Even the third umpire said that Zampa had already passed his vertical as mentioned by the on-field umpire.

In the end, Rogers was given not out and felt a sense of reprieve.

However, Zampa was not too happy with the decision.

After the incident, Ashwin took to his YouTube channel where he criticized David Hussey for withdrawing the run-out appeal.

Ashwin himself has done these types of run-outs very often in the IPL as well as international cricket.

Still, this run out is considered taboo in international cricket even though the MCC has already mentioned it under the ‘Run Out’ section of its code.

Says Ashwin on the incident,

I am tired of talking or writing about this topic. Every time this incident happens, there are preachers who hop in and start preaching. But the best thing I loved from this whole incident is the stare given by Adam Zampa after running out the non-striker. It was similar to The Undertaker’s stare in World Wrestling Federation. He didn’t even say a word to the batsman. The batsman also stood in silence without knowing whether it was out or not out.

Ashwin angry with David Hussey’s comment and tells him to be supportive

On David Hussey’s comment, Ashwin says,

I don’t believe what he said. Because if you wanted to withdraw the appeal, you need not have taken that to the third umpire itself. You could have easily withdrawn that appeal even before it had gone to the third umpire. First of all, why should you withdraw the appeal? A bowler is running the non-striker out. The captain will say that the bowler is wrong or what? What a big insult that is to the bowler if the captain is withdrawing the appeal.

Adding further, Ashwin says,

The bowlers will feel depressed once you do that. And David Hussey was like, ‘This is not how you play cricket.’ Sir, this is now how you want to play cricket. But for that, you can’t assume and say, ‘This is now how you should also play cricket.’ This is absolutely wrong.

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