Ashwin gives blunt statement on Indian cricket; praises Cameron Green


India’s senior spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin has given a very blunt statement on Indian cricket.

He has apparently listed out the differences between Australia and India on how they project a player.

In the ongoing 4th Test of the BGT, Australia made India work hard for the first two days, eventually wrapping up their innings at 480.

Meanwhile, the main wreckers of the first innings were Usman Khawaja and Cameron Green.

While Green got 114 from 170 balls, Khawaja got to 180 runs from 422 balls.

The previous three games got completed in a matter of two and a half days but this Test is surely giving the bowlers a grind.

On the other hand, Ashwin also talked about how good a player Cameron Green is by citing the example of the recent IPL mini-auction.

I hope you tuned into the IPL auction. It just tells you how the Indian cricket fraternity rates Cameron Green.

Recently, Green has been bought by IPL franchise, Mumbai Indians for a whopping Rs. 17.5 crores and that’s made him the most expensive Australian buy at the mini-auction.

Adds Ashwin,

I think he is a fantastic player. Just the raw material he has, tall, lovely levers, good batting sense, can hit the deck hard while bowling, moves pretty well; these are once-in-a-generation cricketer that you are talking about.

Ashwin explains the difference between India and Australia when it comes to projecting a player

Meanwhile, Ashwin also spoke about how players are projected in India and Australia.

While England and Australia tend to bring out new players at the earliest, India tries to protect them for longer periods.

However, we come from different countries, India is very different. We can’t protect such players for long periods of time. It is perform or perish (in India). In countries like Australia and England, these cricketers are groomed pretty well. Expect Cameron Green to be a wonderful cricketer down the line.

Green batted really well on Day 2 of the 4th Test alongside Usman Khawaja and scored his maiden Test ton.

Moreover, his innings included 18 boundaries in all.

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