Ashwin master grabs fifer on a flat track: heaves sigh of relief


6 wickets in the innings. Ravichandran Ashwin was naturally happy at the end of the second day of the fourth Test against Australia in Ahmedabad. After bowling on a tough pitch, Ashwin said that he will sleep peacefully on Friday night. Besides, this offspinner did not forget to tell the secret of his success. He also said that it is possible for India to score big runs on this pitch if they play properly.

Ashwin said after the match,

“Instead of just three wickets at the end of the day, it feels good to get a lot of wickets. That’s why I feel good today. A wicket is most valuable to any bowler. Sometimes it’s okay to say no. But it doesn’t feel good if you don’t get success. So today I will go to bed a little early and sleep well.”

Ashwin happy to contribute after a disappointing Bangladesh tour

Ashwin has taken 24 wickets in the current series. He still has an innings to bowl. He got 6 wickets for 91 runs in 47.2 overs in the first innings. According to Ashwin, he did not expect the pitch to be so slow. However, it will be difficult to bat on this pitch gradually. Despite this, he said,

“Whoever bats well in the second innings, the match will be on their side. Hope our top order will make big runs this time. I will shout for everyone. The pitch looks like it has been rolled and mowed many times. I saw this in Chennai too. Hopefully the pitch will be fine on the third day as well. But the pitch can break later.”

Test series against Bangladesh did not go well for Ashwin. So he was desperate to do well in this series. He said,

“Since the Bangladesh tour, I have made minor changes in my bowling. Changed my hand drop and wrist position while bowling. I thus became more aggressive. I did not had have a good time at Bangladesh. This time too, there was no help from the pitch. But I got success by bringing speed and variety.”

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