Australian cricketers’ baggy greens ravaged by rats

Brett lee umran Malik

Recently, Steve Smith came in the line of fire by fans after they spotted his tattered baggy green.

Moreover, a fan has commented on the state of a ravaged baggy green as a sign of defacement.

Former Australian footballer Melissa Barbieri has come in defence of Smith.

Barbieri’s comment on Steve Smith’s ravaged baggy green

If your baggy green doesn’t look like this it’s because it’s sitting on the sidelines… much rather a baggy green that’s been doused in blood sweat & tears.

Additionally, Smith has revealed why his baggy green is in such a pitiable state right now.

Smith’s comment on the state of his tattered baggy green

Says Smith,

I left it overnight in the change room in Galle like I do everywhere and turned up next day and rats had got to it I think. I’m going to try and get it fixed this week, it’s falling apart.

When Smith’s explanation went viral, stories of several other Australian cricketers came to the fore who had shared their experiences.

Says Waugh,

I had my baggy green in a safe on the ground and I opened the safe and a rat ate half of my baggy green cap.

Maxwell’s tale is even more deplorable than Waugh’s. He says,

I took it out last year and had a look at it and it was deteriorating and I thought ‘that’s not a good sign’.

The baggy green is a symbol of national pride for the Australian cricket team players and they cherish it very much.

Every Australian youngster strives to achieve his/her baggy green after they perform successfully in the domestic circuit.

The Smith incident occurred during the Test series against the West Indies.

Smith has now worn this cap for close to 88 Test matches for Australia.

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