Bangladesh, Sri Lanka supports India; claims different venue for Asia Cup

Asia Cup

Pakistan is more cornered with the Asia Cup. The Bangladesh and Sri Lanka cricket boards sided with the Indian cricket board in the ongoing controversy. Like India, these two countries do not want the Asia Cup to be held in Pakistan.

According to sources, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka want to host the Asia Cup before the one-day World Cup. Both the cricket boards of the two countries are interested in organizing the competition in their country instead of Pakistan.

BCCI is adamant about the decision not to send India to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup. BCCI Secretary Jai Shah made his position clear during the last Twenty20 World Cup. India did not soften the tone despite the counter pressure of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

In this situation, the Pakistan Cricket Board offered an alternative to the Asia Cup. Pakistan, the host of the Asia Cup, had agreed to host only India’s matches in a neutral country. BCCI does not agree with that alternative proposal. India wants the entire tournament to be held in another country instead of Pakistan. Bangladesh Cricket Board and Cricket Sri Lanka want to take this opportunity. Sri Lanka could not host the Asia Cup in their own country. Last year there was a huge economic crisis and political unrest. The United Arab Emirates held the tournament.

Under the pressure of the situation, the leaders of the Pakistan Cricket Board are thinking about organizing the Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates. The PCB may make such a proposal to the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). But India do not want Pakistan as the host of the competition. The BCCI secretary is the president of the ACC. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are therefore looking to host the tournament instead of Pakistan. According to sources, the Narendra Modi government has also ordered the Indian Cricket Board to maintain a strict stance on the Asia Cup.

Pakistan government may not allow to play across the border. In fact, cricket is suffering: PCB chairman

PCB chairman Najam Sethi is trying to put India under pressure with the one-day World Cup. PCB bosses have threatened not to send Babar Azam to India to play in the One Day World Cup if Indian cricket maintains its stubborn stance. They are even considering participating in the One Day World Cup on a conditional basis. In close circles, Sethi said that the Indian team will go to Pakistan to play the Champions Trophy in 2025, Pakistan will only participate in the World Cup if they get such a written assurance from the Indian Cricket Board. PCB officials are also putting forward the tough attitude of the Pakistan government.

If India does not soften the tone, Pakistan government may not allow Babar to come to India and play the World Cup. Sethi said,

“If the Indian team does not come to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup, the chances of Pakistan participating in the One Day World Cup are very low. Pakistan government may not allow to play across the border. In fact, cricket is suffering.”

The PCB chairman also commented that the cooperative attitude of all concerned parties is necessary to organize the ICC and ACC competitions in a fair manner.

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