BCCI declines MCC’s offer to host a test match between India Pakistan


Reports came in that BCCI most likely declined the Melbourne Cricket Club chief’s offer to host a test match between arch-rivals India and Pakistan.

India and Pakistan have been arch nemesis on the field of cricket for over a decade now owing to political differences between the two nations. Both nations have a massive cricket fan base. Hence, their matches are widely followed by people from all around the world. The players have admitted that the pressure during an India-Pakistan game is much higher compared with others.

However, owing to the political differences, bilateral series ceased to exist between the two countries. India and Pakistan last played a series in 2007. BCCI made it clear that getting a green signal from the government to host or visit for a bilateral series is next to impossible.

MCC chief makes an offer to host a test match between India and Pakistan to BCCI

Many nations in the past have offered to host a game between the two arch-rivals. India-Pakistan games are high-voltage games. Hence, they generate massive revenue. The viewership itself of these matches has broken numerous records. As a result, other cricket boards are keen on hosting a game.

Recently, Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) chief, Stuart Fox made a similar offer. Fox offered to host a test bilateral series between India and Pakistan to BCCI. However, new reports have it that BCCI has declined the request as they are not very keen on participating in such a series.

A BCCI source spoke to NDTV and said that India does want to play a test series with Pakistan in the near future. The BCCI source further added that any nation wishing to host such a series should keep that wish to themselves and that the BCCI is not at all interested.

“No such plans for India and Pakistan Test series in future or in any country. If someone has such kind of wish keep it to yourself,”

Notably, India and Pakistan cricket matches are limited to ICC events. Both nations face each other only in mega ICC events. BCCI secretary Jay Shah earlier stated that the Indian team will not travel to Pakistan for the 2023 Asia Cup. There has been an uproar on social media ever since from both sides. In retaliation, former PCB chief Ramiz Raja threatened to pull out of the 2023 ODI World Cup to be held in India.

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