BCCI expects to earn around $1 billion after selling TV and digital rights


The Board of Control for Cricket India or BCCI is expecting to get a huge sum of money after selling off the rights for television and digital media.

Apparently, these rights are for India’s upcoming 88 games for the next cycle. This includes 21 home games against Australia, and 18 games against England which will be 25 Tests, 27 ODIs, and 36 T20Is.

Moreover, the BCCI is expecting to receive around $1 billion from the sale of the broadcast rights by March 2028.

In the previous cycle from 2018-23, BCCI garnered around $944 million from Star India which had a fee of INR 60 crores per international game for both television and digital rights.

However, this time around, the BCCI has decided to sell television and digital rights separately after earning a hefty sum of INR 48,390 crores after selling the IPL media rights auction.

Meanwhile, the bidding process is going to be done online as it is the safest and most transparent way of receiving and giving money.

The process will start in the first week of September 2023.

Says a broadcaster about the selling of the rights,

It is difficult to put a number right now as the value of dollar to rupee has also changed from the exchange rate of last time. But don’t be surprised if digital rights earns way more than TV.

Senior official says that there will be only three bidders for BCCI’s digital rights

On the other hand, a very senior official from one of the broadcasters has stated that there will be serious competition for media rights if the Sony conglomerate happens.

Meanwhile, several companies have already purchased the bid document which in itself is INR 15 lakhs.

Already there are two serious bidders for the media rights who are Disney-Star and Reliance-Viacom.

However, Zee can also jump into the competition if its merger with Sony happens right before the auction.

It is too early to comment but there will be only three serious bidders if Zee-Sony conglomerate joins the bidding war. There are many things one needs to factor in. Two entities- Reliance and Star- had gone all out for IPL rights. Star also owns the ICC tournament property. So how much each will stretch is a question.

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