BCCI makes changes in DRS and COVID situations ahead of the IPL

Indian Premier League
Photo Credits: IPL Twitter

With the beginning of the IPL in just 11 days from now, the BCCI released a circular yesterday in which they have mentioned all the changes that have taken place.

The two major decisions taken were on the COVID restrictions on teams and secondly, on the DRS system.

In the COVID situation, the circular has stated that if a team is not able to field a proper playing XI in any match then the game will be rescheduled.

If rescheduling is not possible, then the BCCI will refer the case to the IPL Technical Committee.

The committee’s decision will be final and binding.

Secondly, the BCCI has decided to increase the number of DRS from one to two in both innings. Plus, the incoming batsman will take strike in case of a catch dismissal.

The board has decided to apply MCC’s recent rule of batsmen crossover during dismissals.

So, now if a batsman crosses over and is caught by a fielder, then the incoming batsman will take strike unless it is the last ball of the over.

In other changes, BCCI also decided to change some rules of the Super Over.

In this case, if a Super Over is unable to decide the winner of the match in the play-offs, then the team that was at a higher level in the league stage will be declared the winners.

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