BCCI puts in heavy sanctions ahead of IPL 2022

Indian Premier League
Photo Credits: IPL Twitter

The BCCI has put in place heavy sanctions just before the IPL.

These sanctions will prevent the spread of COVID-19 in all 10 camps.

The sanctions range from a one-match suspension, 7-day requarantine to even ostracisation from the tournament.

For the breach committed by family members and match officials, the sanctions are even more serious.

Additionally, if any of the 10 teams allow an outsider to interact with them, thus breaching the bio-secure bubble, then the franchisees will have to pay INR 1 crore to the BCCI.

Even after the 1 crore penalty, if the teams continue to breach the rules and regulations, then either 1 or 2 points will be deducted from the team’s tally.

Apart from the match sanctions, there will also be a heavy penalty for a player who misses the COVID-19 testing. The player will be paying a fine of INR 75,000 for each missed testing.

They would not be allowed in the stadium or training facility until they get the missed test done.

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