BCCI to introduce home and away format in WPL from 2024

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The BCCI is exploring new ways to extend the Women’s Premier League’s reach following the success of the first season. The board is contemplating introducing the home-and-away format to make the tournament more accessible to cricket enthusiasts across the country. The inaugural season of the competition, which was incredibly popular, was only played in two venues in Mumbai.

The Chairman of the IPL stated that playing at home grounds would help teams develop their fanbase. It will also enhance the tournament’s already substantial following.

Although the BCCI intends to expand the tournament in the future, the number of teams will remain fixed at five for the next three years. The organization is looking for ways to grow the WPL and may include more teams in the future. However, no new teams will be added in the next three years. In addition, a decision on the time slot for the WPL must be made next year to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly.

Not in the upcoming three seasons but number of teams will increase too: BCCI official

“Well begun in half done. It has been a great beginning for WPL and going forward, it is going to be much better than what we have see so far. We have started with five teams but going forward there is scope for additional teams given the pool of players that is going to come in the years to follow,”

said Dhumal.

He further added:

“The BCCI is hoping to increase in the number of teams but for the coming three seasons will remain five. We are surely looking at home and away format. We will see which time slot is available considering India’s international commitment and take a call,” he further added. From a fan engagement point of view it is very important that we go for home and away format.”

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