Bhajji expresses grief on his past; reminisces after Virat Gambhir conflict

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Harbhajan Singh opened up about the dispute between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir in the field. According to the former India cricketer, such incidents should not happen on the field. In this context, he brought up the subject of his slapping of S Sreesanth. Bhajji said he still feels ashamed when he thinks about the incident 15 years ago.

Harbhajan said on his YouTube channel about the Kohli-Gambir dispute,

“This incident will not stop here. After that, different people will say different things. This situation happened to me too. What I did with Sreesanth in 2008 still hurts me 15 years later. I am ashamed At the time I thought I was right. But now I think I was wrong.”

Kohli should not involve in controversies, advices Bhajji

Bhajji feels that cricketers like Kohli and Gambhir should not get involved in such controversies. He said,

“Kohli is a legend. He should not be involved in such incidents. I understand that he gets so involved in the game that things like this happen. Now everyone will try to find out who is responsible for this incident. Both Kohli and Gambhir are great cricketers. Both are like brothers to me. So I say to them, stay away from such disputes.

Kohli’s dispute with Naveen started during the IPL match on Monday. At the end of Lucknow’s innings, the Afghan bowler had a conversation with Virat. The umpires have to come forward to handle the situation. That feud continued after the match. Kohli cheered excitedly as Naveen got out. He took off his hat and threw it on the ground. Navin did not take it well. So the foreign cricketer from Lucknow said something to Kohli while shaking hands. Kohli says something in return. After that Gambhir came there. He says something to Kohli. After that, the dispute escalated.

Seeing the situation getting heated, the rest of the cricketers and support staff of the two teams came there. Both Kohli and Gambhir are from Delhi. Lucknow spinner Amit Mishra and assistant coach Vijay Dahiya also played for Delhi. That’s why they know Kohli, Gambhir well. They are more zealous and separate the two people. Lucknow captain Lokesh Rahul was also there. Kohli was taken away by RCB captain Faf du Plessis.

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