Bitterness triggered between ex skippers- Saurav Ganguly and Virat Kohli

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There are gossips going around regarding the increasing bitterness between Saurav Ganguly and Virat Kohli. However the relationship between the two former Indian captains continued to stay in the limelight after certain social media actions.
Earlier, the cric- world saw the stalwarts not shaking hands and giving each other cold looks during the Delhi Capitals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore match. After this, it was seen on Monday that Virat was no longer following Saurav on Instagram. Saurav too replied this time. He is also not following Virat anymore.

On Monday morning, Virat was in the list of whom Saurav follows. But as the day wore on, the situation turned upside down. Virat’s name is no longer in Sourav’s follow list. Virat, however is said to have a bitter relationship with former BCCI president Saurav. During Virat’s captaincy of the Indian team, reports of a rift between Saurav and him surfaced. Ganguly revealed that he himself had stopped Virat from giving up the T20 captaincy. But Virat said that no one on the board objected to him. On the contrary, Virat was encouraged to leave the leadership.

Saurav and Virat have been into discussion since then. Virat follows 276 people on Instagram. Saurav was also that in that list for so long. But Virat stopped following Saurav after Saturday’s match. Although later he started following another person. As a result, Virat is following those 276 people. But Saurav disappeared from there.

This time the same thing was seen on Saurav’s Instagram too. Virat is no longer in the list of his followers.

The social media rift between Virat Kohli and Saurav Ganguly is an extension of the on-field collision

There were two incidents between Virat and Saurav in the Delhi-Bengaluru match. The first incident occurred in the 18th over of Delhi’s innings. Chasing 175 against RCB, Delhi was under pressure. Aman Khan was playing well. He got out with 18 runs off 10 balls. Virat caught that. After that he looked strangely at the Delhi dugout. The team’s ‘Director of Cricket’ Saurav is sitting there.

At that time Saurav did not give any expression in return, but at the end of the match it was understood that he also did not want to talk to Virat. At the end of the match, the cricketers and support staff of both teams were shaking hands with each other. Right in front of Saurav was Delhi coach Ricky Ponting. While he was shaking hands with Virat, Surav shook hands with the cricketer standing behind Virat on top of Ponting. As a result, the two did not meet.

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