Brad Hogg feels IPL is affecting Indian cricket as it offers easy money

Titas Sadhu

Former Australian cricketer, Brad Hogg issued a strong statement ahead of the IPL 2023 auction. He said that youngsters coming out of the IPL system are focused more on money.

IPL 2023 auction is all set to take place on 23rd December 2022 in Kochi. A total of 405 players will participate and go under the hammer. Also, the tournament is likely to commence in the month of March 2023. Furthermore, Gujarat Titans will be the defending champions in the upcoming season of the tounrament.

Ahead of the auction, former Australian cricketer, Brad Hogg posted a video on his Instagram handle and shared his views on IPL 2023. He made some strong statements regarding the IPL system and feels that it is having a negative impact on Indian cricket at large.

“IPL seems a bit like easier money,” Brad Hogg

Brad Hogg issued a few bold statements in a video posted on social media platforms. Firstly, he feels that youngsters coming out of the IPL system are having a negative effect on Indian cricket. Moreover, to support his claim, Hogg said that IPL offers easy money for the young lads. As it offers money in a short period of time, players are no longer interested in playing the longer format.

“I think it is because the young players that are coming through the system are more focused on playing T20 IPL cricket because there is probably a little more cash in it, it’s a short form, it’s quick and you get the game done and dusted. It seems a bit like easier money,”

Hogg further added that young players playing IPL are not learning greater aspects of the game, like how to plan, take wickets, and build innings.

“When they are focused on that T20 cricket scenario, they are not focused on the longer forms. They don’t know how bowlers set up batters to take wickets and how batters build their innings to bat for long periods of time. It’s not so much the generations that are playing international cricket right now like the Virat Kohli’s and Rohit Sharma’s. It’s younger players that are just debuting for India that are most affected,”

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