Brett Lee comments on Arshdeep Singh’s no-ball problem

Arshdeep Singh

Former Australian pacer, Brett Lee has shared his thoughts on India’s young pacer Arshdeep Singh.

Arshdeep suffered a no-ball problem in the second T20I match against Sri Lanka where he was overstepping quite often.

Because of this, Sri Lanka gained dominance over India in terms of the target and eventually beat the hosts by 16 runs.

In 2022, Arshdeep became India’s indispensable bowler during the T20 World Cup. Having replaced mainstay Jasprit Bumrah, Arshdeep was called upon by the team to take crucial wickets.

He was also called up to bowl during the death overs throughout the tournament.

But now, in 2023, Arshdeep has been facing a problem with his rhythm as he is not looking his previous self.

He is continuously overstepping and giving no ball after no ball and has also faced some loss of form.

Brett Lee has recently given his opinion about the young Indian pacer after his performance in the T20I series against Sri Lanka.

Brett Lee talks about Arshdeep’s lack of rhythm

Says Lee,

I saw India’s Arshdeep Singh completely lose it in that T20 game against Sri Lanka a few days back. He bowled no ball after no ball after no ball. 5 no balls in that game. It would be a hard pill to swallow for him.

Adding further, Lee says,

He only bowled two overs conceding 37 runs. And he was returning to the side after being sidelined with an injury. He overstepped three times in a row in his second over. Sometimes a bowler can lose rhythm when they are coming back from an injury because they are trying too hard. They lose their shape and momentum. It’s tough because you want to achieve that dream of picking wickets and keeping the captain happy.

Before coming into the Sri Lanka series, Arshdeep had suffered an injury following which he didn’t look his original self at all while bowling.

Concluding his opinion, Brett Lee says,

No ball is a bowler’s worst enemy. Nothing costs a bowler more mental agony and embarrassment than a no ball because you not only have to bowl an extra delivery, you give the license to the batter to do anything he/she wants. It’s a dagger through the bowler’s heart. Rhythm is a funny thing. A bowler can do magic if he/she has it but it makes you look hapless and helpless once that rhythm is lost.

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