Brett Lee impressed with Ishan Kishan after latter’s performance

Ishan Kishan - Mumbai Indians - MI

India’s young sensation, Ishan Kishan has now carved his name into the history of Indian cricket.

Kishan’s century against Bangladesh has been the most impressive one to watch this year.

This performance has now given him a place in the ODI series against Sri Lanka as well.

Alongside this, Kishan has also garnered many fans. Many legends of the game have also praised Kishan for his performance.

Sunil Gavaskar has already mentioned that Kishan has the potential to hit his first-ever triple hundred in ODI cricket.

Now, former Australia pacer, Brett Lee has also joined the party.

Lee has recently stated that he now wishes that he could have emulated some of Kishan’s performance when he used to play backyard cricket.

Brett Lee reminisces about his backyard cricket days

For me personally, backyard cricket was almost like university or school… of thought to train my brain to one day become a Test cricketer. The aggression, the frustration, the fights, the anger, the passion that you show in backyard cricket. Now we are very lucky here in Australia, I am based on the south coast of Sydney where I grew up and I know that so many other kids around the world haven’t got that luxury of playing on beautiful grass fields or backyards or big spaces.

Brett also mentioned his playing days with his two brothers and how they enjoyed the sport back then.

It can be gully cricket over in India or street cricket around the world. But right here in Australia, we generally have a decent sized backyard and we had a nice little backyard and even a driveway, we’d run up across the road and bowl. So picture this backyard cricket at the Lee’s house normally around a Christmas morning or a Christmas afternoon or Boxing Day morning, we’d have the whole pitch set out. So backyard cricket consisted of my older brother Shane and my younger brother Grant and yours truly.

Brett then also recalled that one time when his brother got his double hundred in one such match, he wanted to get a triple hundred.

Unfortunately, he got out on the first ball and then started crying.

With the intervention of his mother, Brett was given another chance to bat in the game.

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