Chahal finds calmness in chess, enjoys playing with R Ashwin

Yuzvendra Chahal

The Global Chess League has garnered significant attention in the sports world due to its unique format and franchise system. Renowned chess players like Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand have praised the tournament, ensuring tough competition. The inaugural edition of the Global Chess League began on June 21 in Dubai and will conclude on July 2. Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal, serving as the ambassador for the SG Alpine Warriors team, also participated in the tournament. Chahal expressed how chess has been beneficial for him and shared his experience at the event.

“My first jerseys came from playing chess, and the sport has taught me patience over the years. And that helps me in my cricket because sometimes you may bowl well but not get a wicket, and it is then that patience is really needed,”

Chahal said.

Chahal, who is passionate about chess, highlighted the parallels between cricket and the game of chess, emphasizing the importance of strategizing in both sports. According to the talented spinner, chess helps cultivate a sense of composure regardless of the circumstances.

Cricket and chess are similar: Chahal

“Chess and cricket are similar, but in cricket, you can show your aggression, but in chess, you can’t. It is all about how calm you are in chess. For example, if I am bowling, I can say something to the batter, but in chess, you must stay calm and focused. And it will eventually help you in your life as well,”

Chahal said.

“In India, we always follow cricket, but the Global Chess League is the IPL of chess. This is the first edition of this tournament, so a comparison with the IPL isn’t fair. But it is a great initiative as people will learn more about chess and the league,”

he further added.

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