Chetan Sharma made explosive comments on Bumrah’s injury.


The cricketers are coming down to the field without fully healing the injury due to the fear of losing their place in the national team. They are taking injections to reduce pain whenever necessary. Even the first rank cricketers of the country are also walking on this road of risk. While doing so, Jasprit Bumrah has not yet recovered from his injury. Chief selector of the national team, Chetan Sharma said, in a video of a sting operation done by Zee News.
According to what Chetan Sharma claimed on the hidden camera, Bumrah played in the T20 series against Australia before the T20 World Cup without fully recovering from the injury. He took an injection. Players often take such injections for minor injuries. Bumrah aggravated his injury while playing to ease the pain. Because of which he is still suffering.

Chetan Sharma made other revelations too

Chetan claimed in that video that the cricketers are entering the field without fully recovery due to the fear of losing their place in the national team. He was also heard questioning the National Cricket Academy’s role in the aftermath of chief selector Bumrah. In the video, he is heard to claim,
“It is not possible to keep an eye on one cricketer at all times. So it is not possible to prove who is taking the injection.”

Many top-tier cricketers are also playing with injections to reduce the pain without completely reducing the injury.”
Chetan was heard to leak various news inside the Indian Cricket Board on the secret camera of Zee News. A storm of controversy may arise with his multiple claims. He also opened up about the deterioration of Sourav Ganguly and Virat Kohli’s relationship in front of the hidden camera. Virat Kohli had to lose the captaincy of the Indian team in an ego fight with the then board president Sourav Gangopadhyay.

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