Combined bidding for TV and Digital rights to be allowed by ICC

Photo Credits: ICC aTwitter

ICC has decided to go the IPL way by allowing bidders to bid for television and digital rights for the broadcast of the Twenty20 World Cup 2024.

Proceedings for this will start in June this year as ICC is targeting the Indian markets this time around.

The winner of the right will bag a four-year contract with the ICC, effective from 2023.

Usually, the winner gets an eight-year contract with the ICC for broadcasting rights but this time around, things are seeing a change.

The winner can opt for the eight-year contract if they want to but they will nonetheless be getting the four-year contract with ICC.

Sunil Manoharan and Anurag Dahia gave a presentation in Mumbai to three interested parties who were Disney Hotstar, Sony Pictures Network and Network 18.

Even FanCode was present at the meeting.

ICC’s main interest is towards the Indian market which will be the principal bankroller in world cricket.

There were questions regarding the broadcasting time of matches during the 2024 ICC Twenty20 World Cup.

West Indies and the USA are the joint hosts of the tournament.

The winner of the broadcasting rights will have to show all the matches on television, but they do have the option of showing it on OTT platforms as well.

The business of the OTT market is scheduled to increase every year and the current ICC rights value for the same is USD 1.9 billion for eight years.

Additionally, the bidders showed concern for the 2025 Champions Trophy.

India may or may not participate in the event due to political tensions between the two countries.

ICC however, have given solutions for that as well in the meeting.

The whole process of bidding, starting from the announcement of tender, should be completed by July end.

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