Cricket Hall of Fame to include inductees from Road Safety World Series

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The Cricket Hall of Fame has decided to induct 10 legendary cricketers to its coveted list.

The CHOF is also going to endorse this legendary T20 league this year and has unanimously decided to induct players to the coveted Cricket Hall of Fame.

Additionally, the board has also decided to reward Ravi Gaikwad who is the RTO of Thane.

Gaikwad is the first individual living in India who is going to receive this induction.

Gaikwad has received this reward because he is trying to promote a noble global cause.

Moreover, Gaikwad is also the recipient of several honors in 2021 and 2022 as well for his contribution to cricket.

Cricket Hall of Fame to hold Induction Ceremony in India

Additionally, CHOF is also going to host the induction ceremony outside of the USA for the first time in 42 years.

The induction ceremony is going to take place in India during the final match of the Road Safety World Series.

For the first time ever, the CHOF is also going to recognize the place of retired women cricketers in their Hall of Fame.

Many former cricketers have found a place in this Hall of Fame and have also given many contributions to the CHOF’s museum.

Meaning of holding the Road Safety World Series

The aim of hosting the Road Safety World Series is to prevent road accidents from happening in India.

Eight teams take part in this competition and it is played at multiple venues in India.

The teams that take part in the tournament are India, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, England, New Zealand, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Moreover, the tournament has completed two successful seasons and is now going to host a 3rd one.

Many venues such as Mumbai, Raipur, Kanpur, Indore, and Dehradun have played host to this tournament.

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