Cricket Ireland unveils new jerseys for T20I and ODI cricket

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Cricket Ireland has recently launched their new line of jerseys for the T20I and ODI formats.

Additionally, they have partnered up with Italian sportswear brand, Macron to design this entire kit.

Also, these jerseys have been made in the most technical way possible to ensure maximum performance and comfort.

Furthermore, there is one small tiny detail on each jersey which is the ‘100 cricket ball’ motif on the sleeves. This represents the pride that the Irish players have when donning their national jersey.

Let’s have a look at each of these kits separately.

T20I Playing Kit of Cricket Ireland

When it comes to the T20I kit of Ireland, then there are geometric figures in three shades of green.

The polo collar is navy blue as are the edge of the sleeves as well along with the sides and shoulders. On the trim of the sleeve, there is the cricket ball motif as well.

Furthermore, the logo of Macron Hero is printed on the right side, and Cricket Ireland is on the left.

The symbol of Cricket Ireland has been printed in such a way as to give it the effect of satin embroidery.

ODI Playing Kit of Cricket Ireland

When it comes to the ODI kit of Ireland, then it has been made in a predominantly dark green shade.

Meanwhile, the details on the sides and shoulders are printed in gold as well as the logos.

They again give the effect of satin embroidery and look great with the jersey.

Furthermore, the graphics provided for this jersey are vertical and present a tone-on-tone band.

Additionally, the sleeve trim also features the cricket ball motif.

On the other hand, these jerseys are available on sale in all adult and junior sizes on the official website.

These jerseys are also all slim-fit and their fabric is made from Gotex which is an innovative, high-performance yarn.

Cricket Ireland’s High-Performance Director of Cricket extremely happy with the new jerseys

Meanwhile, Richard Holdsworth is extremely happy with the results and says,

These new designs are both stunning and classic- they have been designed to provide our women’s and men’s players a distinct look-and-feel within the global cricket community. The designs are intended to reflect the format being played- the busier and more frenetic design for T20Is, while a more classic yet simpler style for ODIs.

Adding further, he says,

The cricket ball motif features 100 cricket balls, symbolising the 100% pride all of our players feel when pulling on the green jersey for Ireland. Pride in this jersey is not just a cliche for our senior teams, but an ingrained sense of what it means to represent their country. Each and every player within our system understands that they are ambassadors for our clubs, our country and our sport. It is this inter-connectedness of Irish cricket- from grassroots to international- that makes Ireland unique within the top tier of world cricket, and we think that is a special quality that we are literally wearing on our sleeves.

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