Cummins and Meg Lanning to get huge sums of money as retainership

Matthew Renshaw

Pat Cummins and Meg Lanning will now get richer than ever, thanks to a new MoU signed by Cricket Australia.

Cricket Australia has made a significant breakthrough yesterday as they increased the pay scale of all their male and female cricketers.

Apart from the national team, this pay scale has also been increased for Big Bash League players as well.

Therefore, this means that Pat Cummins is now the first Australian cricketer to earn $3 million while women’s skipper, Meg Lanning, will earn $1 million.

On the other hand, this MoU has been signed between Cricket Australia and Australian Cricketers’ Association for a period of 5 years.

According to this MoU, all women players will receive a 66 percent increase in their pay. Meanwhile, the top CA contract holder in the women’s team will earn up to $800,000 per year.

Additionally, if they are the skipper of the national side, then this amount can increase up to $1 million along with the earnings from the Women’s Premier League and The Hundred.

Moreover, male cricketers with CA contracts will get a 7.5% increase in their pay in the first year and then a 2% increase for the next four years.

Therefore, Cummins as skipper of the men’s side is earning around $2 million as part of his retainership with Cricket Australia.

Now, Cummins will earn around $3 million from his Cricket Australia earnings and is the first skipper with this achievement.

BBL players to also get a pay increase from $2 million to $ 3 million

For players involved in the Big Bash League, this MoU has been a godsend. Not only will they earn from the tournament and other competitions, but their next six CA contract holders will also now earn up to $500,000 per year on average.

Moreover, the pay for male BBL players has been increased from $2 million to $3 million per club as the number of T20 franchise leagues is increasing.

CA Chairman, Mike Baird has hailed Cricket Australia’s move as a new watershed moment in the sport of cricket.

Additionally, he has also stated that this MoU will help all female athletes in Australia.

Furthermore, Baird also states that they have kept a commercial position open for their male cricketers open so that they can compete with the best in the world.

We’re proud today with what we’ve seen for the women’s game, a significant uplift to provide a pathway that other sports in Australia can only dream of, and we’ve also maintained a commercial position for our men players to compete with the best in the world.

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