David Warner withdraws application for a bid of captaincy


Australia’s fiery opener David Warner has decided to withdraw his application to overturn his leadership ban.

Warner is still under this ban since 2018.

Recently, Warner wanted a private hearing with the panel regarding this issue.

Warner is not ready to scandalize himself along with his family in this way.

The opener also faced a one-year ban from playing international cricket for Australia as well.

Now, Warner is playing considerably well for Australia in all three formats of the game.

Warner has stated that the panel was rather unhelpful towards him regarding the issue.

Says Warner in his statement,

They want to conduct a public spectacle to, in the panel’s words, have a ‘cleansing’. I am not prepared for my family to be the washing machine for cricket’s dirty laundry.

Adds Warner further,

Regrettably, I have no practical alternative at this point in time but to withdraw my application.

On the other hand, Cricket Australia is accepting Warner’s decision to withdraw his application.

We are disappointed with this outcome as our intention was to give David the opportunity to demonstrate why his lifetime leadership ban should be varied at an independent hearing and we amended our Code of Conduct accordingly.

Adding further, they say,

We supported David’s wish for these discussions to be heard behind closed doors and respect his decision to withdraw his application.

The panel wanted to have a public hearing of Warner’s case to check whether the opener has improved upon his behavior and whether his remorse is genuine or not.

As per the new rules of Cricket Australia, a player now will have to demonstrate that “exceptional circumstances exist to justify modifying a sanction.

Under the laws of the previous code of conduct, a player had no such rights.

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