DDCA renovating Arun Jaitley Stadium before the ODI World Cup

Men's ODI world cup

Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium is currently undergoing renovation because it will be one of the venues for the ODI World Cup.

Furthermore, the marquee event is going to be played in the months of October-November.

Moreover, the move to renovate the stadium has come after an evaluation by the BCCI earlier this year.

According to the evaluation reports, the Arun Jaitley Stadium lacks basic facilities that need improvement.

In April, there was a Gap evaluation done in all of India’s stadiums in which it was found that Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Mohali needed significant renovations.

Moreover, a gap evaluation is a sort of measure that shows the differences between the organization’s actual condition and its intended use.

Meanwhile, cricket in India has gained massive popularity in the last 10 years and BCCI has become ultra-rich.

But, the facilities at the stadiums are often overlooked and that’s why fans suffer the most.

DDCA’s Joint Secretary making sure that Arun Jaitley gets fully revamped

On the other hand, Rajan Manchanda, DDCA’s joint secretary has stated that they are now trying to enhance the infrastructure at Arun Jaitley Stadium.

We have planned a significant upgrade in the facilities, which will change the spectator seats, renovate the washrooms, paint the walls, and change our ticketing software.

Moreover, the Arun Jaitley Stadium at present can accommodate around 35,000 people and according to Manchanda, they will change around 10,000 seats and also upgrade the 15-year-old turnstiles.

We must offer our supporters clean washrooms, hygienic food, and water at a fair price. Additionally, the housekeeping team’s size will be expanded. By September 15, we want to have everything finished.

BCCI and ICC to conduct comprehensive recce of Arun Jaitley Stadium next month

Meanwhile, the BCCI and ICC have decided to conduct a comprehensive recce of Arun Jaitley Stadium.

This will be done to make sure that the venue is perfectly ready for the mega event. Also, the pitch and outfield will also be assessed.

However, fans will be facing the heat during the games because DDCA cannot cover the open stands with a roof. To do so, they will have to demolish the whole structure and build a new one.

Delhi to host five ODI World Cup games in October-November

Moreover, Delhi will play host to five ODI World Cup games which will start on the 7th of October.

It will be South Africa up against a qualifier team at the venue. Next, it will be India vs Afghanistan on the 11th of October.

After that, it will be Afghanistan vs England on the 14th of October after which it will be Australia vs qualifier team on the 25th of October.

Finally, it will be Bangladesh vs qualifier team on the 6th of November which is this venue’s final game.

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