Deepak Chahar Praises MS Dhoni’s Inclusive Team Culture at CSK

Deepak Chahar

In anticipation of the highly significant IPL 2023 final against Gujarat Titans on May 28, Deepak Chahar shed light on what sets Chennai Super Kings (CSK) apart as a special franchise. With MS Dhoni at the helm, CSK has reached an impressive milestone of qualifying for its tenth final and aims to secure its fifth title, tying with Mumbai Indians for the most wins. Chahar emphasized the team’s exceptional environment, where every player enjoys the freedom to express themselves, contributing to CSK’s success. Notably, Chahar highlighted MS Dhoni’s crucial role in fostering camaraderie among the juniors, helping them seamlessly integrate with the team and contribute effectively.

Deepak Chahar said:

“The ambience is different. Like, everything is optional here. No one will say anything to you. No one will say ‘you go to practice or you go to the gym’. You are a professional cricketer. It’s your responsibility to see what’s best for you. You can practice if you want. Or do it tomorrow or don’t do it at all. You can rest if you want. However, you will have to perform on the ground. Everybody knows that. Nobody will blame you even if you lose the match. Mahi bhai (MS Dhoni) doesn’t say anything either. There is no pressure on anyone.”

Mahi bhai always sits with juniors: Deepak Chahar

“The second reason is Mahi bhai. When I joined the CSK team, I noticed that during the team dinner, people are sitting in two-three tables. One was occupied by seniors, the overseas player had the other one and then there are juniors. The new players often hesitate to speak. Mahi bhai would always sit with juniors. That’s fixed,”

Chahar further added.

Despite a slow start this season, Deepak Chahar has gained momentum, securing 12 wickets in nine matches. To secure victory in the final, the pacer must replicate his performance in Qualifier 1.

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