Dinesh Karthik says the change of ball made difference in 3rd Test


India wicketkeeper-batter and commentator, Dinesh Karthik has recently revealed what went wrong for India in the 3rd Test.

Australia beat India by 9 wickets in the 3rd Test to stage a massive comeback in the series after losing the first two games.

Additionally, it was high time that the Aussies won a game in the series which they did thanks to contributions from Khawaja, Nathan Lyon, and Travis Head.

According to Karthik, the change of ball on Day 3 made a massive difference for the two sides in the 3rd Test.

Says Karthik,

The changed ball made a lot of difference. It was not as hard as they expected. Probably, it didn’t have the bite the ball could have had if it was harder. From then on things just turned completely Australia’s way.

Talking further, Karthik also mentioned that Ashwin has been a phenomenal bowler for India in the first two Tests and he did trouble both Khawaja and Head in the Indore Test as well.

Ashwin is a momentum bowler, when he gets a wicket, he generally adds two-three in his spell. Ashwin after that first wicket bowled a lot of balls that troubled Head.

Adding further, he says,

Ashwin bowled really well in the first 10 overs, kept good length, but the moment they changed that ball, they were not happy with the ball, probably the stitches had given a little way near the leather.

Karthik praises Travis Head for his incredible innings

Meanwhile, Karthik did not shy away to give praises to Travis Head who batted incredibly well in the second innings.

In the second innings, Australia only had 76 runs to chase which Head and Marnus Labuschagne chased quite easily.

Says Karthik,

It was critical over in the sense he gave away two loose balls a bit fuller, and from that moment Travis Head didn’t look back. He said that’s it, I’m on the charge now. I feel good, my defence is coming well. You make a small error, and the batter pounces on it. Yes, you’re chasing a low target, so the pressure was different. But Head made sure the moment he got those boundaries, he didn’t look back.

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