Eden got covered in Yellow. Is it a support to Dhoni or despise for KKR?

MS Dhoni

Eden Garden’s stands had turned yellow. As soon as Mahendra Singh Dhoni came down to bat, the spectators cheered for him. The gallery was all yellow, filled with Dhoni’s jersey and Chennai flags. Kolkata Knight Riders had their flags on the seat. But theres was no one in sight whol will wave those. Some covered the seats with those and sat on it. Some had the flags lying on the side of the seat. Was this a depiction of love for Dhoni or despise for KKR?

It was clear that Dhoni fans would turn up for Sunday’s match. Before the start of the game, a crowd of yellow jerseys came on scene on the side of the field. Chennai jerseys and flags were also in more demand than that of KKR. KKR supporters were less than minimal. In the recent past, Eden still had a part supporting KKR against RCB. But the Sunday saw a massive Yellow Love. The crowd chanted “Dhoni Dhoni” when Capatain Cool walked down to bat. Fans screamed their heart out when Venkatesh Iyer got out. Eden calmed down when Jason Roy came in and showered sixers. It was confusing enough wheter Eden Gardens belongz to KKR or Dhoni and CSK!

“Dhoni” chants covering up the repeated failures of KKR, at Eden

Kolkata is losing one match after another. The Knights started with a loss in this IPL. KKR’s hat-trick of defeats came after their win over RCB at home and Rinku Singh’s storming match-winner against Gujarat Titans in Ahmedabad. It that why KKR is slowly losing support? There are no big names in the team to fill the field. Sunil Narine or Andre Russell are no longer as formidable as they used to be. Among the Indian cricketers, only Shreyas Iyer was a regular cricketer of the national team. But he was unavailable due to his back injury. Shardul Thakur does not play regularly in the Indian team. Even if Umesh Yadav or Venkatesh Iyer once played for their national team, the field will not be filled with their name.

No one in KKR has the same power as Dhoni, Virat or Rohit. In such a situation, a victory was necessary. Winning one match after another would have increased the support. But Chandrakant Pandit’s team is failing do that. So as time goes on, the support for KKR is decreasing. That’s why all the cries are for RCB or CSK match tickets. There is not much frenzy about tickets for other matches.

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