Eoin Morgan predicts a huge void in the cricket world if MS Dhoni retires

With the IPL 2023 just around the corner, MS Dhoni has rejoined the CSK squad and his return has sparked a frenzy among fans. The iconic captain, affectionately known as 'Thala,' will be playing his first IPL match in Chennai after a three-year hiatus due to COVID restrictions. All the teams have already begun their preparations for the tournament. IPL 2023 MIGHT BE THE LAST FOR MS DHONI The schedule for the highly anticipated Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 is out. The opening match will see Chennai Super Kings pitted against Gujarat on March 31. The tournament will follow a home-and-away format this time around. So, MS Dhoni will play in Chennai for the first time in three years. MS Dhoni enjoys a massive fan base in Chennai, and the reception he will receive when he takes the field at Chepauk after such a long time was discussed by former Australia opener Matthew Hayden on Star Sports. With the IPL less than a month away, all participating teams are working hard to ensure that they are in top form for the tournament. Follow us on Twitter for more!

He knows well how to bring out the best from the cricketers of the team. So it will not be easy to fill that void if Mahendra Singh Dhoni retires from IPL, said former Kolkata captain Eoin Morgan. According to him, young cricketers will face the biggest problem if Dhoni retires.

After the win against Hyderabad, Dhoni said that he is at the end of his career. As a result, many people think that this IPL is his last. While commenting on it, Eoin Morgan said,

“You can tell by his demeanor how immersed he is in the match. Because of so many years of experience, everything is on his palms. The cricketers of the team are also happy to have him as their leader. When he’s gone, you’ll know how much everyone misses him.”

Morgan says, Dhoni nurtured Chepauk as an unbreakable fort for CSK

The former World Cup winning England captain Eoin Morgan also thinks that Dhoni can retire at the end of this season. In his words,

“This is expected. Dhoni had his hands behind the rise of almost all the best cricketers in the team. Dhoni has also helped ti make Chennai a fort at home. They bought cricketers accordingly. Coach Steven Fleming also helped in it. With the likes of spinners and all-rounders, Dhoni has built a team that never knows how to lose at home.”

The match against Sunrisers Hyderabad had saw glimpses of vintage Dhoni stumping and running out. Captain Cool played role in calming down situation when eengaged into a fight with SRH counterparts. https://crickdom.news/jadeja-enraged-in-fight-with-opponents-dhoni-to-cool-down-the-heat/

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