Finch thinks Mankads are fair game in cricket

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Recently, in the match against Australia and England on Friday, another Mankad incident came to the fore.

This time it was Mitchell Starc, who warned England skipper Jos Buttler with a Mankad after the latter left the crease.

Firstly, Buttler admitted that he hadn’t done so but TV replays showed that he had indeed done so.

All this happened during England’s fifth over when Starc was coming in to bowl.

Australia skipper Aaron Finch thinks it’s only fair for bowlers to give a warning beforehand.

I think if guys get a warning, then it’s fair game after that. That would go for most teams I assume. If you give a batter a warning because you think that they’re gaining a little bit too much ground before the ball’s bowled then after that [the Mankad is justified] but I’m not a big fan personally.

When asked whether his bowlers will be comfortable with running out the batters at the non-striker’s end, Finch only commented ‘good question’ but did not speak further.

On the other hand, the English are not happy with this method.

Chris Woakes openly criticised the Mankad method during his press conference.

I’ve got no issues with warning guys. I personally wouldn’t run someone out, or Mankad someone if you want to call it that, but a warnintg- no issue with that to be honest. Happy with giving guys warnings.

Now both these teams will face each other in the T20 World Cup on the 28th of October.

Jos Buttler has been previously mankaded by Sachithra Senanayake in 2014 and then by Ravichandran Ashwin in the IPL in 2019.

Under the Laws of Cricket, attempting a Mankad is completely legal.

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