Gambhir Criticizes Former Cricketers for Endorsing Pan Masala

Gautam Gambhir

Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir has been making headlines for his statements for several years. Recently, the 41-year-old criticized cricketers who endorse pan masala through surrogate products in advertisements. In the recently concluded IPL 2023, former cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar, Chris Gayle, and Virender Sehwag were involved in pan masala ads. Gambhir expressed his opinion, stating that such behavior is disgusting and disappointing. He even suggested that fans should choose their role models carefully.

Gambhir said:

“I never thought in my life a cricketer would do a pan masala ad. It’s disgusting and disappointing. That is why I say, choose your role models carefully. What example are you setting?”

There are so many other ways to make money: Gambhir

In addition, Gambhir emphasized the influence these players have on millions of kids who see them as role models. He urged cricketers endorsing such brands to be cautious of their actions and suggested that there are alternative ways to earn money without promoting harmful products.

“One gets recognised not by their name, but by the work they do. Crores of kids are watching you. Money is not so important that you will end up doing a pan masala ad. There are so many other ways to make money. You should have the courage to let go of a big pay cheque rather than do such things,”

Gambhir further added.

Moreover, Gambhir shared that after relinquishing the captaincy of Delhi Capitals in 2018, he received an offer to endorse a pan masala advertisement. However, he made it known that he decided to distance himself from it based on the principles he upholds.

“I could have taken the money, but I left it because I always believe that I should get what I deserve. Sachin Tendulkar was offered Rs 20-30 crores to act in pan masala ads as well. But he said no to these pan masala ads. He had promised his father that he would never engage in such stuff, which is why he is a role model,”

Gambhir concluded.

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