Gambhir wants Rohit Sharma to start scoring centuries

Rohit Sharma

Former India cricketer, Gautam Gambhir has expressed his concern about India skipper Rohit Sharma.

During a discussion, Gambhir stated that all the cricket pundits should come down hard on Rohit as they did on Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli remained century-less for almost three and a half years. But in 2022, he came back to form when he hit his T20I century against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup.

Since then Kohli has smashed three centuries in his last four ODI innings. Rohit, however, has not made a century since September 2021.

Additionally, Rohit has not scored a single century in the 50 matches that he has played so far.

When this stat came up before Gambhir, he was quite shocked and in disbelief.

Moreover, Gambhir has said that he is not pretty impressed with Rohit’s recent outings and wants him to start converting his scores.

This is also Rohit’s longest streak when he has not been able to score a century. Not mincing his words, Gambhir said,

We should talk in the same phase. Virat Kohli didn’t get a hundred for three and a half years. I think Rohit should be kicking himself. It will be equally hard on Rohit Sharma as well. 50 innings are a lot, it’s not like he didn’t get a hundred in one or two games. If you look at the last (ODI) World Cup, one thing is missing from his game and it’s the ability to get those hundreds.

Gambhir stresses Rohit’s current form in ODIs

Rohit’s last ODI century came against England at the Oval on September 2021. Meanwhile, Kohli has come back to his original form in ODI cricket and is consistently making runs for India.

Says Gambhir,

It’s not you get a 100 in one or two series, and that is one thing that is missing in Rohit’s game from the last World Cup. He used to get those big 100s, this time he’s looking in good form, he’s hitting the ball well but he has to convert.

Adding further, Gambhir says,

One thing has stood out for Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma is getting hundreds, and Virat has got it back, Rohit Sharma needs to get it back atleast before the World Cup, because these two guys will be extremely important if India has to go all the way and win the World Cup.

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