Gary Kirsten Reveals Tendulkar’s Unhappiness During Dark Phase in 2007

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Gary Kirsten, the former cricketer, and coach shared some upsetting details from when he was the head coach of the Indian cricket team in 2007. During that year, the Indian team had many embarrassing losses in ODI cricket. They were even eliminated in the first round of the ODI World Cup. This was very difficult for the team and management.

Gary Kirsten explained that things within the Indian team at that time were very delicate. When he joined the team, he found it hard to do his job because he was new to the team. He knew that the Indian team was very talented. All they needed was the right leader and a significant turnaround to become one of the best teams in world cricket.


“The standout for me then was what kind of leadership was then required to take this very talented team and turn it into a world-beating team. That was the conundrum for any coach moving into that situation. When I took over there was definitely a lot of scaring in the team. There was a lot of unhappiness. Hence for me it was more important to understand each individual,”

Gary said while speaking to Adam Collins in ‘The Final Word cricket podcast’ show on YouTube.

“Sachin was probably a stand out for me because he was deeply unhappy at the time that I joined the team. He felt he had a lot to offer, but he wasn’t enjoying his cricket. He was at a time in his career when he felt may be he should retire. It was important for me to connect with him and make him feel that he had a massive contribution to make to the team and his contribution was more than what he needed to do,”

Gary added.

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