Gaurav Gangwal launches app for cricket predictions


India’s most loved cricket analyst Gaurav Gangwal has recently launched his app for cricket predictions.

Gangwal is a high-level and respected cricket analyst in India and is now a self-made entrepreneur.

His job is to make cricket teams and give his expert opinions on the sport. That’s why many fans in India respect his opinions highly.

Gangwal gives his analysis of every player’s statistics and also gives his opinions on cricketers’ recent forms as well.

His app is now available on the Google Play Store by the name of Gaurav Cricket Prediction.

What’s in the app Gaurav Cricket Prediction?

In the app, Gaurav will be giving his expert analysis to his audience.

Currently, Gaurav has a whopping 1 million followers and 100k+ users on Instagram as well.

For Gaurav, cricket is not just a sport in India but a religion for the fans. That’s why they go crazy whenever any tournament happens in the country.

Fans in every nook and corner of the country come to watch India play at various stadiums across the country.

Gaurav is also making a lot of money through his social media channels such as Instagram.

He is also well-known for giving his analysis on the side of the grounds, playing conditions in each of them, and others.

In today’s time and age, the sport of cricket is much loved by both men and women equally. Additionally, there are many sporting platforms where people are giving their expert opinions on the game.

But, Gaurav has now made his separate platform for giving expert tips and analysis.

Gangwal covers both international and domestic cricket with great elan.

Through his platform, he constantly gives his audience regular updates on each and every cricket match.

That’s why he is a competent entrepreneur and is known as one of the best cricket analysts of Indian cricket in recent times.

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